Avoid the worst – a workshop with laughter

Lawyers on Demand, with whom I had worked before my mental health crisis, invited me to run a session on work-life balance, to share ideas with staff at HQ and with the lawyers they place inside major companies.

Like the previous week’s event at Google, also organised by LOD, I was relieved to run the whole thing without going into detail about my own mental health setbacks – I just mentioned, briefly, that I’d learned the hard way what can happen when we neglect ourselves.

The people who came along were delightful: despite initial wariness about my promise to use interaction, they joined in with great spirit, as you can see:

Afterwards, by a strange coincidence, I was sauntering across London Bridge grinning about the fun I’d just had, when somebody I got to know during my worst times walked up to me.

It seemed pretty clear to her how much better I am feeling. And that was great to hear.

The next day, I received this message from LOD:

We’d like to thank you once more for your time yesterday. Everyone loved it and the buzz and conversations are still going on this morning. That, coupled with the amazing feedback from Google last week is so much more than we could have hoped for. Most importantly, people really appreciated having been given very practical advice on how to approach all those situations you talked about.

Thank YOU, Lawyers on Demand!