‘High Flyer to Rock Bottom’

One of the UK’s biggest commercial law firms invited me to talk about my breakdown to lawyers and non-lawyers (ie, people) in the London office.

There were about 200 in the room, at Slaughter and May, and roughly 50 others, elsewhere, tuned in through the magic of live streaming video. Quite a crowd.

It was the first time I’d shown my drawings to more than a couple of people, and I felt incredibly nervous before the session started.

Not because I’m new to speaking to large groups of strangers, but because ever since going into hospital almost everything has felt like a huge new challenge.

As if I’d never done it before. It sounds silly, but I understand why people who go through this kind of thing talk about feeling like they’ve been reborn.

So anyway, with something “new” I’m liable to get quite panicky.

But after I’ve done it a few times I realize I’m perfectly capable, and the panic goes away.

To begin, I pointed out to the assembled lawyers and non-lawyers that most people would not choose to deliver a talk with the title, “From High Flyer to Rock Bottom”. This got a laugh, which in turn put me at ease.

Happily, the people at Slaughter and May were welcoming, attentive and willing to ask questions. I felt very comfortable.

And before I knew it the event was over.

Afterwards, I received some very encouraging feedback, which I’ve posted HERE.

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