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Welcome. If you’re looking at this page, you probably know already that poor mental health is a massive problem in many law firms.

This screengrab from my FAQs (which you can read below) makes the point in numbers:

Of course, this isn’t only about numbers. It’s about real human beings, and the people around them.

Only last week I did a call with the HR team at a major firm. They wanted me to be aware, before I give a talk, that somebody in the firm had taken his own life.

When I was in psychiatric hospital, somebody new joined our group therapy sessions every couple of days, having tried to do the same the day before.

These were the lucky ones who had failed. Their example motivates me to keep talking about what it’s like to have a breakdown – and how it might possibly be avoided.

“I’m coming to talk to you”

This video was originally recorded as a “hello” to people I was about to talk to at a big commercial firm.

1.07 mins

Taster from an actual talk

Usually I ask people NOT to record my talks. Just once, I said OK – and immediately regretted it.

But now, after months of lockdown, I am glad the footage exists.

I’m not going to post it ALL here, because the content is highly personal. But here’s the start:

3.30 mins

Who is this for?

Lawyers! Non-lawyers! Humans!

Lunchtime talk at Macfarlanes, London

What’s changed by the pandemic?

Clearly, face to face talks like that one at Macfarlanes (pictured above) are out.

But I’ve been talking online for years, since long before lockdown – and long before my breakdown.

I thought you might like to see these happy customers saying goodbye after the first-ever week-long online residential course I ran in May 2020.

Nothing to do with Mental Health, but it makes me smile:

“Bye, everyone!”


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Thank you for reading / watching

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